Task Management Excel Template

Task Management Excel Template
Task Management Excel Template

Task Management Excel Template

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For simple task tracking it is not necessary that you have to use a complex  task management software. You can use a simple Excel Task Tracker to manage a few tasks. You can also use the excel template to manage a small number of issues.

Features - 

Fields or Columns in the Excel Task Tracker Template - 

  • No. (Serial Number)- A serial number for the tasks.
  • Task / Issue Description- This is a brief description.
  • Owner- This is the person responsible.
  • Start and Due- The Start is when it is started and due is when it is due.
  • Status- There are four statues
    - TBD (To Be Done): Indicates needs to be executed.
    - WIP (Work In Progress): work is in progress.
    - Late: Is delayed.
    - Close: Is complete.
  • Comments/Updates- This the column where you can give the latest update.

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