Project Starter Kit

project starter kit
project super starter kit
Requirements Traceability Matrix
Work Breakdown Structure
project super starter kit with tutorial
Project Business Case
Project Business Case Template
Business Case Templates
Business Case Purpose
Business Case Summary
Business Case Option Analysis
Business Case Cost and Benefit Analysis
Business Case High Level Risks
Project Charter
Project Charter Template
Project Charter Template Word
Project Charter Authorization
Project Charter Objectives
Project Charter Scope
Project Charter High Level
Project Charter Key Project Assumptions
Project Charter Structure
Project Success Criteria
Project Charter Introductions
Project Initiation Checklist
Project Initiation Checklist Template
Scope Management Plan
Project Management Plan Template
Key Project Dependencies
Schedule Management Plan
Project Management Schedule Plan
Schedule Management Methods
Cost Management Plan
Cost management Processes
Quality Management Plan
Project Quality Management
Quality Management Standards
Human Resources Management Plan
Project Management Staff Approach
Human Resource Management Processes
Communication Management Plan
Project Meetings Template
Stakeholder Management Plan
Stakeholder Engagement Planning
Risk Management Plan
Project Management Plan Template
Quantitative Risk Assessment
Risk Management Standards and Procedures
Configuration Management Plan
Project Configuration Management
Procurement Management Plan
Procurement Constraints
Project Procurement Management
Project Management plan Referenced Documents
PMP Contents
PMP Table of Contents
PMP Contents Template
PMP Content Template
PMP Templates
PMP Introduction
PMP Purpose
PMP Authorization
Project Planning Checklist
Project Planning Checklist Template
Project Planning Checklist
Project Statement of Work
Project SOW
Project SOW Version History and Sign Off
Project SOW Contents
Project SOW Purpose
Project Summary of Scope of Work
Project SOW Specifications
Project SOW Change Request Procedure
Relevant Documentation
Project Assumptions Template
Daily Log Template
Decisions Template
Dependencies Template
Project Financials Template
Guide to RAIDAD
Issues Template
RAIDAD Summary
Risks Template
Actions Template

Project Starter Kit

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Project Management Office (PMO) brings great value to the organization. First stages of the PMO setup are so important. we have developed a PMO Starter Kit to help you setting up your PMO in the right direction and equipping you with a fighting chance.

Template Details:

PMO Starter Kit is a one of a kind, comprehensive resource that will help you get started with Project Management. It has all the tools and resources needed to organize your projects, execute them successfully, and measure their success. This includes templates for project management documents like scope statements, work breakdown structures, Gantt charts and more! With over 10 templates designed in excel and word. This starter kit is the kit you need to  to ensure successful great project start. 

Format: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint and MPP.


  • Project management software for teams, departments, or entire organizations.
  • A powerful toolkit with all you need to plan and manage projects from beginning to end.
  • Gantt charts, calendar views and timelines make it easier than ever to track progress on tasks.

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