Resource Leveling Using MS Project

resource leveling in ms project

Resource Leveling Using MS Project

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Multi-tasking has become the industry standard for most of us, and the days of performing just one task at a time have long passed. If a resource is allocated to multiple tasks at the same time, they might appear as over-allocated. An over allocation solution offered by Microsoft Project is resource leveling: A load balancing technique that allows MS Project to alter the start/finish dates so that the resources will be able to complete all their tasks during the available business hours.

Template Details:

Resource leveling is a technique that can be used to improve the alignment of project resources with workloads. This means that you will have more accurate schedule and resource data for your projects, which leads to better communication and increased efficiency. 

Format: MS Excel, MPP


There are 3 ways to initiate resource-leveling –

  • Automatic - Each time that MS Project recognizes that any resource is over-allocated the leveling process will occur automatically.
  • Manual- The leveling will occur once the Microsoft Project user clicks on the “Level All” button. The user has control over the changes that occur following a leveling and can track and analyze the implications of it.
  • Manual Resource by Resource- This option is similar to the manual one and has the same advantages and disadvantages, but the difference is that the user initiates the leveling one resource at a time.

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