Resource Leveling Using MS Project

resource leveling in ms project

Resource Leveling Using MS Project

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Multi-tasking has become the industry standard for most of us, and the days of performing just one task at a time have long passed. If a resource is allocated to multiple tasks at the same time, they might appear as over-allocated. An over allocation solution offered by Microsoft Project is resource leveling: A load balancing technique that allows MS Project to alter the start/finish dates so that the resources will be able to complete all their tasks during the available business hours.

Features - 

There are 3 ways to initiate resource-leveling –

  • Automatic - Each time that MS Project recognizes that any resource is over-allocated the leveling process will occur automatically.
  • Manual- The leveling will occur once the Microsoft Project user clicks on the “Level All” button. The user has control over the changes that occur following a leveling and can track and analyze the implications of it.
  • Manual Resource by Resource- This option is similar to the manual one and has the same advantages and disadvantages, but the difference is that the user initiates the leveling one resource at a time.

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