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PMO Charter Template

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Without a PMO Charter, PMOs are neglecting their existence and leaving their essence to chance, leading to PMOs that are misaligned with the actual needs of the business and where no one understands why a PMO is needed or what does the PMO do. The PMO Charter brings back the why behind the PMO and assigns meaning to its doing.


  • PMO Mission, Vision, and Values
  • PMO Objectives: Objectives should be SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely - and it should be clear how the success of the PMO will be measured.
  • PMO Customers and Stakeholders:
  • PMO Structure: define what will be the roles required for the PMO team and their positioning in the hierarchical structure.
  • PMO Service Offering: Lists the functions to be performed by the PMO.
  • PMO Critical Success Factors: Critical success factors are all about the aspects that need to be in place for the PMO to be successful in its endeavor.

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