Velocity Burndown Chart

Velocity Burndown Chart
Velocity Burndown Chart
Velocity Burndown Chart

Velocity Burndown Chart

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Velocity Burndown Chart is a time-saving and powerful tool to help you plan and manage your work. It can be used by software developers, project managers, designers, marketers, and anyone who has a deadline to meet. The chart plots the total amount of work done against the time elapsed since the start of their task or cycle period.

With Velocity Burndown Chart, you'll know how much work you've accomplished in any given day or week so far.

Template details:

The benefits of using these templates include:

  • It can be used to understand how much work has been completed, what needs to be done, and the team's current velocity. 
  • It can help predict future workloads and help with prioritizing tasks to complete first.

Format: MS Excel


The template includes features like:

  • Name- Enter the task details
  • Points- The total points column is calculated by adding the points of the sprint column. 
  • Velocity line- An additional line used in a burndown chart is called a velocity line. This line represents the team's total effort in one given sprint and is presented in points.

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