Risk Impact Assessment Template


Risk Impact Assessment Template

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Once risks are identified, the next step is to assess their likelihood and how they can impact the project. Organizations need to define a scale of impact to assess risks, typically represented using a scale. 

Template Details:

A risk assessment template is a document that helps to assess the risks associated with a certain task, project or event. This type of template can be used for any industry and is designed to help identify key areas of risk in advance so that they can be mitigated.

Format:  MS Excel


This template represent using a scale of 5 levels for access risks -

  • Level 1 Insignificant: risks which do not pose any significant concern at the time.
  • Level 2 Marginal: risks which are deemed to have just a minor impact on the project.
  • Level 3 Moderate: risks which will affect the project with some significance.
  • Level 4 Critical: risks which have a high impact in the project and require strong monitoring.
  • Level 5 Catastrophic: risks which will jeopardize the whole project should they materialize.

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