Lessons Learnt Templates

lessons learnt, Project closure, lessons learnt template
lessons learnt, Project initiation, lessons learnt template
lessons learnt, Project execution, lessons learnt template
lessons learnt, Project planning, lessons learnt template
lessons learnt, lessons learnt template

Lessons Learnt Templates

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Every company has times where they need to evaluate their processes and figure out what is working well, and what needs improvement. This process is often called a lessons learnt template. A lessons learnt template can be used by any type of organization in order to make changes for future success. 

The Lessons Learnt Templates are a set of templates that will help you to create powerful lessons learnt documentation. These documents are an important tool for all organizations who want to improve their performance and learn from mistakes.

Format: MS Excel and Powerpoint 

Template details:

Benefits of this template:

  • The templates will help you to assess your current situation, identify areas that need improvement, develop strategies for change and then track progress on your goals.
  • Helps you document, analyze and act on the lessons that your organization has learnt since its formation. 


The template contains 2 templates:

  • Lessons learnt templates- This template helps you to note down the risks involved, lessons learnt, actions taken, the ownership taken and the status of actions.
  • Project closure- Project closure is a document that you create to help your team understand the project's progress, what they need to do before ending it, and how they will end the project.
  • Project initiation- Project initiation template is a document that can be used to set up the goals of your project.
  • Project planning-  It can be used to plan projects of any size, from small office tasks to large-scale construction projects.
  • Project execution- Project execution is a document used during the project development phase which provides a framework for all team members to follow in order to execute the work.


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