Disposal and Destruction Policy

Disposal and destruction policy
Disposal and destruction policy Template
Disposal and destruction policy Word Template
Disposal and destruction policy Template Word
Disposal and destruction Template
 Disposal and destruction Word Template

Disposal and Destruction Policy

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Disposal of personal data is something that most businesses need to take care of. For example, when you delete a file on your computer, it doesn't go away and can be recovered by someone with the right software and knowledge. This is why we have disposal policies in place for our business. 

The disposal and destruction policy template is a document that outlines the rules for how to get rid of or destroy sensitive company records, equipment, materials, etc. In addition, this template includes information on what items can be disposed of or destroyed in different ways according to their level of sensitivity. 

Template Details:

The benefits of this template include:

  • It saves money by preventing expensive fines for not disposing of hazardous materials correctly.
  • It prevents injury by making sure workers know what they're doing with potentially dangerous substances.

Format: MS word


Our template includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Purpose.
  3. Scope.
  4. Disposal and destruction of paper-based records.
  5. Disposal and destruction of media.
  6. Destruction of equipment.
  7. Disposition of excess equipment.
  8. Sending a hard drive out of repair or for data recovery.
  9. Repairing a hard drive under warranty.
  10. Overwriting hard drives for sanitization.
  11. Clearing data.
  12. Reuse and redistribution of IT Asset.
  13. Certification and audit.
  14. Record Asset Inventory.
  15. Penalties.


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