Bring your own device (BYOD) policy

BYOD policy
BYOD template
BYOD policy template
 BYOD policy template Word
BYOD policy word template
BYOD template Word
BYOD  Word template
BYOD policy, BYOD template, BYOD policy template

Bring your own device (BYOD) policy

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BYOD is a common term used to denote letting employees use their own devices for work. This includes laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile computing devices. With this policy in place, you can help reduce the cost of purchasing new equipment and will allow your team members access to all necessary files and information on the go. 

Template details:

 The benefits of using this template include:

  • For the employer, it means decreased costs of providing tech equipment and increased productivity from using better devices, and for the employee, BYOD can mean less time spent fighting with technology at work and more hours doing what they love working
  • It becomes easier for companies to attract new employees than companies that don't have such templates.

Format: MS Word


The template covers the following sections:

  • Introduction to BYOD
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • BYOD Devices
  • Privacy
  • User acknowledgment and agreement.


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