Daily Log Template

Daily Log Report

Daily log report is an operational level management report which details all the transactions, interaction and operations that have happened in the IT operations.
This report will be sent to the mid-level management team daily. This report is generally prepared by the IT operations manager ensuring all the data is accurate and signed by him/ her.

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Why do we need daily log report?

Below are some more detailed points elaborating the importance of daily log report:

  • To communicate regularly with the mid and top level team
  • To provide accurate, useful and detailed information on the IT operations.
  • Help the mid and top level management to make quick and wise decisions with the information provided.

Informational message:
Any message that provides an information about the CI’s.
Warning: Any alert informing that a specific is CI is about to breach.
Exception: Any alert informing that a specific CI has breached its defined conditions.
Standard change: Any change that is preauthorized and has defined models to manage the lifecycle of change.
Normal change: Any change that requires detailed study with respect to planning, risk assessment, approval and implementation.
Emergency change: Any change that is invoked when there is a major incident or emergency situation.

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