Service Charter Template

Service Charter

IT Service Charter is a high-level document for any new or significantly modified services and its approach to develop a new/ modified service. Customer Service Charter document will consolidate all the necessary information on the purpose, requirements of the new/ modified service, scope, resources needed, roles and responsibilities, service acceptance criteria, KPI’s and metrics, constraints, etc.

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Service Charter Template, Customer Service Charter

Service Charter Template


Service Charter Template

The Service Charter Template is the document that will provide clear communication to the Service Design process area with all the necessary information for designing a new service.

Purpose of Service Charter

Service charter documents the necessary information required by the service design manager to design the service for transition and operations. Customer service charter is created during the service strategy phase which will provide clear direction to design the service for the benefit of service design process owners and managers.

The intended audience of the service charter template is the Service Design Manager, Service Design Process owners and managers and Service Owners.

Objectives of Service Charter

  • To provide a high-level description of a new or changed service to the Service Design stakeholders.
  • To provide the service level requirements, service acceptance criteria, and goals of the customer.

Service Charter Development Life cycle

Development of a service charter can be defined through 4 stages as analysis, budgeting, approval, and publish.

Analysis: An understanding is developed about the service provider’s current IT operations. Assessments and analysis is made on current services, market spaces, risks associated, customer’s history, customer needs, customer feedbacks and recommendations, competitors, and competitors’ services. These assessments are made in form of: interviews, questionnaire, direct observation, simulations, etc.

Budgeting: This stage involves predicting the funds necessary for services to deliver the agreed upon IT service. Budgets are allocated for every new IT service proposed.

Approval: In this stage, service portfolio manager makes the decision of approving services or rejecting, after careful evaluation of the analysis.

Publish: In this phase, chartered service is documented with high level descriptions with respect to availability, capacity, performance expected, security, continuity, etc. and are standardized and published. Accordingly, the service charter is disseminated to all the relevant stakeholders in service design process area (availability management, capacity management, information security management, IT service continuity management, etc.)


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