Release Status Report Excel Template

Release Status Report Excel Template

Release Status Report Excel Template

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Do you want to make sure that your project is on track? If so, then this template will help. It has been designed for tracking releases of projects and includes all the information you'll need.

The release status report template excel is a great tool for tracking the progress of your project releases. It will help you to monitor and manage your team’s activities, as well as make sure that all necessary tasks are completed before each major milestone.

Template Details:

Format: MS Excel

How to use the template?

Enter the Release Manager and Staus Date.

Select the Overall Release status from the drop-down list, i.e., On Track, Off Track, Delay.

Basic Information: Enter the Release date, Project Manager, scrum master, Go/No-Go, Release Start time, and Release Finish time.

Release Schedule: Enter the phase, Start, End date, and status in the respective sections. Duration is auto-calculated.

Release Timeline: This auto-generated according to the date you entered.

Release Scope: Enter the ID and task description. select the status of the task from the drop-down list.

Release Risk: Enter The ID, Risk description, and owner in the respective section. Select the status of the risk from the dro-down list.






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