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Team Charter
team charter template
Team Charter Excel Template

Team Charter Template

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Teams that work together often need to have a direction towards which they are headed and know what is expected from them and what is the end goal. Team Charter Template helps recognize this for the team. 


Team charter template has the following basic fields to capture the correct objectives - 

  • Team Name: Team for which the charter is being created
  • Date: Date when the team charter was prepared
  • Team Leader: Name of the individual who leads the team
  • Team Sponsor: The individual who has funded the project and has an important say in the project decisions.
  • Team purpose/Context: This is the introductory section of the charter. It notes the reason for the team’s existence.
  • Mission and Objectives: The mission statement mainly communicates to the team what it has to achieve.
  • Scope: This section of the charter mentions the scope of the team’s charter.
  • Team Members: This section lists the names of the team members.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Define the team members and the stakeholders who are held responsible for the project.
  • Resources: This section lists out, the resources currently available to support the team.
  • Signature: Serves as an agreement between the sponsor, team leader, and the team members.

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