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Use Case Template, Use case
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use case template word, Use Case Template, Use case

Use Case Template Word

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Use Cases are a common technique for gathering functional requirements in the Business Analysis world. By ensuring that all interactions are captured, the project team can build confidence that a seamless user experience and fully functional product will be delivered according to the customer's needs. 

This template is designed to help anyone who needs to create a use case for any system. It includes each of the major sections that need to be addressed when creating a use case and provides an outline for what should go in each section, so it's easy to get started. 

Format: MS Word

Template details:

The benefits of this template include:

  • Use case templates can help you save time by providing an outline for your use cases so that you don't have to recreate the wheel every single time. 
  •  Use case templates can be used to help you decide if your business needs the product or not, as well as how it will best fit into your current operation


Fields of Use Case Template-

  • ID: a unique identifier to represent the Use Case.
  • Name: what it says on the tin; should be a clear and short name.
  • Description: a brief description (not War and Peace!) of the Use Case.
  • Primary Roles / Actors: the type of primary users that the Use Case relates to.
  • Pre-conditions: what conditions/assumptions need to be in place for the Use Case to start.
  • Trigger: what event will trigger the start of the Use Case.
  • Basic Flow: illustrates the set of steps the role will take to accomplish the Use Case objective.
  • Alternate Flows: illustrates the ‘unbeaten path.’
  • Post-conditions: what conditions/assumptions need to be in place when the Use Case is complete.

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