RACI Matrix for Release Management

Raci matrix, release management
Raci matrix, release management
Raci matrix, release management

RACI Matrix for Release Management

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The release management RACI matrix can help your business develop efficient, effective workflows and communicate clearly with each other about who does what. 

It's a matrix that lays out the roles and responsibilities of team members in order to ensure successful project management. One of its main purposes is to take ownership away from those who don't need it and give it instead to those that do

Template Details:

The template has the following benefits:

  • The RACI Matrix is an easy way to organize who does what in order to create the best possible product or service.
  • It's designed to help users identify who should be doing what for each type of project task.

Format: MS Excel


  • The Templates has the following sections 
  • Enter the task to be done in making a release
  • List the roles or people or teams which will do the task in the respective section 
  • Enter the R, A, C, or I depending on the task and responsibility.


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