Major Incident Report Template

major incident report, major incident
major incident report, major incident

Major Incident Report Template

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A major incident report is a document prepared by an individual or organization to summarize an event of consequence. These reports typically contain details about the type of incident, the date and time it occurred, and who was involved. The template below can be used as a guide for all major incidents within your organization.

It also ensures consistency and accuracy in reporting, so it can be used for training purposes or as a reference when investigating an incident

Template details :

When to use the Template?

  • The Major Incident Report template helps you capture all necessary information about your emergency response plan and can help you avoid potential problems down the line.
  • A Major Incident Report (MIR) is a document used to report and record events that impact the organization or its operations.

Format: MS Word


The Template consist of the following sections :

  • Incident  Details: Enter the Stakeholder details, Reported by Incident description, Business impact, Root Cause, Incident Status, Incident Manager in the respective section.
  • Incident Date and Time 
  • Incident Details: 
  • Incident Timelines 
  • Root Cause analysis


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