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IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a business practice which comprises of some prime Asset Management process for managing the IT assets.

Technology Asset Management – TAM

The role of technology is increasing at a rapid pace, one unseen in history. In the past, technology was reserved for the IT group. Technology has moved from operations to a strategic seat at the C-suite table in the past two years. This has translated into the need to view each piece of technology like […]

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SACM ITIL – Template

Service Asset and Configuration Management plan is a high-level document that guides the SACM activities that the SACM team should follow. Download SACM Template SACM plan is necessary for any IT organization as it prompts information to the operational managers about the operational activities in the five phases: Management and planning Configuration identification Configuration control […]

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IT Asset Management Best Practices – 10 Steps Covering ITAM Process

Given Ten IT Asset Management best practices in ITAM Process, it will help you save more costs, increase saving opportunities, boost overall productivity, and good high ROI on your IT assets. Best Practices IT Asset Management Download All ITIL Templates All IT Assets should be registered and uniquely identifiable. The IT Asset registration assigns unique […]

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What Is IT Asset Management – ITAM Benefits – Why Business need ITAM

What is IT Asset Management? IT Asset Management (ITAM), i.e., Information Technology Asset Management is a business practice that comprises the set of processes for managing the IT assets concerning strategy, financial, procurement, inventory, retirement, and disposal, etc. (like software, hardware, and services) to enable cost-efficient and timely delivery of business services within the organization. […]

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IT Asset Management – Asset Management Process

IT Asset Management Process IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a business practice that comprises of some prime Asset Management process like: Download ITAM Templates   Financial management for IT assets defines a standardized process for establishing the budgeting, accounting, and charging goals, policies, and various other financial aspects of IT assets. IT Asset procurement defines […]

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IT Asset Management Policy | ITIL Asset Management

What is IT Asset Management Policy IT Asset management policy is a management directive that significantly influences IT asset management processes and procedures. Download This Template ITIL Asset Management Policies are written instructions that specify What needs to be accomplished Who is the audience for the policy Why is the policy needed? An IT asset […]

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