Capacity and Availability Management

Prologue to Capacity Management and Availability Management (CAM):

The capacity and Availability management field involves setting up and oversight of capacity and availability at a reasonable cost with proficient utilization of resources. This process is performed by various levels in an organization across allied services.

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capacity and availability management

It includes and serves the underneath mentioned objectives:

  • Creation and preserve capacity and availability management of the broad procedure.
  • Provision and dispensing resources adequately.
  • Monitoring, investigating, knowledge, and keeping informed about current and future demand for services, use of assets, capacity, administration framework, execution, and accessibility.
  • Determining appropriate and corrective measures in supplying the exact limit of accurate capacity and availability in keeping costs against resources that are required for business necessity and flexibility against such wants.

Inaccessibility or absence of value is one of the key markers in the perspective of service users and customers. Accessibility of services relies on the availability of system parts, the adaptability of the service framework, the adaptability of the administration framework, the nature of the upkeep, and the help acted in the administration framework and the production procedures, and security rehearses.

Capacity and Availability Management Overview:

“Capacity management” is focused on how best to give assets to meet service prerequisites. It provides a methodology in the manner of consistent accessibility to meet necessities.

With regards to Information Technology (IT): capacity management is the strategy for right-measuring IT assets to meet present and future needs.

”Availability management” is predominantly focused on conveying a steady degree of accessibility to meet help prerequisites. At an elevated level “limit” and “accessibility” are comparable and can be consolidated.

Capacity Management in ITIL:

Capacity Management in ITIL: it is planned to give that the capacity of IT administrations and IT foundation is proficient to convey the decided help level of focuses in a financially savvy and opportune methodology.

Capacity management ought to be the driving point for all IT execution and limit inconveniences as it mulls overall assets that are required to convey the IT administration, gets ready for short, medium, and long terms business requirements. This methodology ought to involve all regions of innovation, equipment, programming, and all IT parts and conditions. The high-level administration ought to likewise consider Human Resource, where the absence of HR could bring about a break of SLA (Service level understanding) targets. Overseeing limits in a huge IT framework is troublesome and requesting tasks especially when the IT limit and budgetary speculation is required is continually expanding.

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Key duties of Capacity Manager

The key duties of the capacity manager are to:

  • Establish a capacity blue-print and ensure it is updated.
  • Assist in examining and giving goals to execution-related mishaps and issues.
  • Analyze the effects of the considerable number of changes on the plan made with the limit and execution of everything being equal and assets.
  • Make sure appropriate measures are actualized to improve the exhibition of administrations in sensible expense any place required.
  • Categorizing new services and frameworks (according to future necessities).
  • Lining up capacity and demand properly as per the business necessities.
  • Maximizing existing limit.
  • Furnish reports to the management of current use, patterns, and figures.

Availability Management in ITIL:

Availability management in ITIL:  plans to characterize, examine, quantify, and improve all parts of its accessibility administrations. It is capable of giving all IT foundations, forms, instruments, jobs, and so on are exact for the chosen accessibility targets. The fundamental goal of accessibility to the executives is to ensure that degree of administration accessibility is conveyed in all administrations is adjusted to or surpasses the present and future needs of business in a financially savvy way. Without accessibility, the helpfulness of administration can’t be accessed.

The key objectives of availability management are:

  • Create and keep the draft up to date that mirrors the present and future needs of the business.
  • Provide direction to all the areas of related availability related to pro-accessibility-related issues.
  • Assist in investigating and giving goals to execution-related mishaps and issues.
  • Evaluate the effect of all progressions on the accessibility draft, and the presentation and limit of administrations and assets.
  • Make sure that proactive measures are executed to improve the administrations at sensible expense. Availability management includes responsive exercises that incorporate oversight, examination, and the board, all things considered, episodes, and issues including inaccessibility. These exercises proceed as operational obligations.
  • The availability of the board includes proactive exercises like arranging, structure, and headway of accessibility. These exercises basically proceed as a piece of structure and arranging.

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<img src="Key Duties of Availability Management.png" alt="Key Duties of Availability Management">

    Key Duties of Availability Management

Key duties of availability management are:

  • Participate in the IT foundation plan.
  • Supervision actual IT accessibility accomplished.
  • Establish, maintain, and audit accessibility draft arranged.
  • Testing after changes done.
  • Ensure financially savvy levels of IT accessibility appraisal and organization of dangers.

CAM in IT:

Capacity and availability management in IT is extremely significant crucial to a solid, stable infrastructure platform and top-notch IT administration. With a blaze of a second, the visibility of status with your IT environment, joined with track patterns, and with “consider the possibility that” scenario analysis, you get a predominant perspective on capacity and availability.

CAM is answerable for amplifying and checking IT benefits so they work precisely without disturbances at a legitimate expense and helped by scaled assets. The most fundamental component is to focus on the limit and accessibility of the executives and not on the framework that gives. CMDB gives a particular worth by limiting bogus positives and making administration the driven purpose of everything.


Availability management is upheld by capacity management in a lack of limit of assets or IT administration. ITIL Capacity management is mindful to guarantee that a sufficient limit is available consistently to address business issues. Effective limit and accessibility the board requires top to bottom information on how business necessities impact request of parts. A legitimate arrangement ought to be utilized all through the IT process which helps for arranging and planning purposes.

Capacity management combines with different methods inside ITIL that incorporate accessibility, demand, service-level management, and money related administration. Capacity and availability management functions together to keep administrations and services running to prevent and reduce downtime.

ITIL capacity and availability management is an essential component in an organization as it saves cost. Performance restriction and other indicators of performance troubles and issues are recognized which thus keeps uptime and increases customer loyalty.

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