Why You Should Take ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT Course

by Kishan Tambralli


ITIL 4 Specialist:

An Overview of IT Management. High Velocity IT is a new approach to the management of IT services.

This course covers all of the critical topics related to IT Management, including implementing, and maintaining an effective Service Strategy. This is meant for those in charge of designing, deploying, maintaining, and governing information systems in any industry or sector. It provides a broad overview of concepts and practices for those who want a general understanding of best practices in managing information technology. This course will help you understand what it takes to manage services at scale, speed, and high quality, all while reducing risk. This course covers all five phases in detail, provides feedback on performance, and offers an individualized learning experience to help you succeed.

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The course covers topics such as process improvement; service management; people, skills & capability; business continuity and disaster recovery planning (BCDR); supplier relationships; knowledge management (KM), and organizational learning (OL). In addition, you'll learn about key concepts like alignment with company strategy, metrics for measuring success, customer feedback loops, etc.

The objectives of ITIL 4 Specialist

The objectives of ITIL 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT are to provide a framework for managing the delivery and support of high Velocity, business-critical services that include an enterprise-wide service management capability. This framework should enable the organization to continuously improve its delivery practices to meet customer needs while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The objectives of this specialist are as follows:

Objectives of ITIL 4 Specialist

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  • Provide cost-effective services by using best practices.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with communications and service delivery.
  • Meet or exceed customer expectations for availability, security, performance, capacity, etc.
  • Continuously improve service delivery.
  • Optimize technology and resources.
  • Facilitate knowledge management within the organization.

One of the main objectives is to provide cost-effective services using best practices. The specialist will also look for ways to increase customer satisfaction with communications and service delivery as well as meet or exceed customer expectations.

Certifications of ITIL 4 Specialist: High-Velocity IT

The ITIL 4 Specialist: High-Velocity IT certification is a new way to show you have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an agile environment. This course will teach you how to implement process improvement, change management, organizational design, and project management.

This certification focuses on high Velocity IT and covers four major areas: business alignment, automation, continuous service improvement, and customer experience management. The first two sections focus on aligning your IT department with the needs of your company's business strategy and automating repetitive tasks to free up time for more strategic work. Continuous service improvement covers how you constantly strive to improve your services through innovation in processes, people, technology, or organizational structure. Finally, customer experience management looks at how customers interact with each other and their interactions with you, including identifying customer needs and defining requirements for future products based on this data.

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Why You Should Take ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT Course

ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT Course is an intensive course that aims to provide you with all the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in IT Service Management. It provides you with an understanding of how to design, implement, monitor, control, improve and optimize services. The course also gives you insights into the business environment, including customers' needs and expectations and service providers' capabilities.

The course covers both Foundation level certification exam topics and advanced-level certification exam topics, which will help prepare students for these exams. Moreover, it helps create awareness about the latest trends in information technology among participants."

This course will teach you how to:

  • Efficiently manage the life cycle of tasks, projects, and services.
  • Improve communication within teams and with customers.
  • Work faster while still delivering high-quality outputs.

Key points of ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT

  • Learn about new services delivery models such as Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) and Release Lifecycle Model (RLM).
  • Improve customer collaboration through feedback loops.
  • Utilize agile methods for better project management.
  • Achieving operational excellence through continuous delivery and high-velocity transformation.
  • Understanding what it takes to implement these changes within your organization successfully.
  • How you can take advantage of automation such as virtualization, cloud computing, and software-defined networks.

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Why Should ITIL Managing Professionals and ITIL Strategic Leaders (ITIL SLs) Go for ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT course?

The course is designed for experienced ITIL professionals and strategic leaders who want to get a more in-depth understanding of the four new processes that have been introduced with version 4 of the ITIL framework: Service Strategy, Service Design, Delivery, and Operation Support. The course will also provide an overview of the changes in terminology and concepts from version 3.

This course is designed for people who are in senior management positions or strategic leadership roles within the ITSM community. The curriculum includes service strategy, design principles, transition, release management, and continuous services improvement.
ITIL Managing Professionals and ITIL Strategic Leaders Course for ITIL 4 is a high-velocity, action-packed course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead transformation in your organization. With this intensive, one-week program, you will gain the practical experience of an IT Service Management professional working on a real-world project. High Velocity is a one-day course designed to provide the knowledge and skills for competent, knowledgeable, strategically minded professionals who are responsible for delivering high-velocity change in their organizations. In addition, the system provides an understanding of how to use the latest version of the ITIL framework revised based on feedback from practitioners and academics alike.

Benefits of the ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT Course

The seven gifts of taking this course are:

Benefits of ITIL 4

  • Hands-on experience with all four levels of ITIL.
  • Deep understanding of what it takes to deliver best practice.
  • A clear guide for implementing ITSM in any organization.
  • A roadmap for managing change.
  • Expert advice on how to deal with disruptive technology.
  • How to develop strong people skills.
  • Techniques for developing, implementing, and maintaining service management processes.

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